How Many Guys Actually Cheat At Their Bachelor Parties?

As if the stress of the big day isn’t enough. Now, women need to worry about their fiancés being unfaithful at their bachelor parties.

That’s according to this recent survey that says one-third of all grooms-to-be cheat at their bachelor parties.

The survey also found that 92% of men lie about their cheating for the duration of their marriage. That’s because an overwhelming majority of women don’t approve of the guidelines set by men at their bachelor parties. One woman saying “If I found out my ex cheated, there would be no wedding.”

And, since cheating is viewed differently by the sexes, men may not even consider their bachelor party shenanigans cheating, especially if they claim to have been so drunk. (always an excuse)

As one sex therapist puts it: “Men cheat on a physical level, not an emotional level. They see it as a final hurrah to the single life before they make this huge commitment. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their fiancés.”

Ugh…“A final hurrah in the single life”? If you’re about to get married, you’re not single! And seriously?… “It doesn’t mean they don’t love their fiances”? If you love someone, why would you hurt and go behind their back by cheating?

And to the brides-to-be, if you have concerns that your guy is going to be unfaithful right before he enters into marriage, you may need to reconsider who you are marrying.

Ashley M. Papa