Single & Snowed In? Get a Blizzard Boyfriend

When life hands you a blizzard, get a blizzard boyfriend.

New York is about to get slammed with snow, potentially making some millions homebound for the next day or two. So why not use the time to find love?

Singles are turning to Craigslist to find someone to be snowed in with.

This guy writes:

So I’m getting off work early today, around 2.
Anyone stuck in their apartment and battling with some pent-up snow-related horniness? 🙂
I’d love to stop by and help out. I’m feeling very frisky today.

And then there is this one:

Male 40 , looking for someone who is fun, Snow storm is here. Lets kick back and relax, Beer and wine this could be real fun. I can host nice place. Be close to 23rd and 10th. Even better if you know how to play cards. No issue with race or size as long as your normal as I am.

and this…

Stuck at work the next few days because of snow. Would like to stay warm n cozy in between shifts. I. am a very nice, clean,and in good shape. 40yr old caucasian salt n pepper scorpio. A drink or two, some good conversation, and who knows. Im on the west side, in the 30’s.

They’re all listed in the “personals” here on Craigslist. The amount of snow sex seekers is sure to increase as the city could get close to 2ft of snow or more.

16 thoughts on “Single & Snowed In? Get a Blizzard Boyfriend

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