How Not To Let A Bachelorette Party Trip Cost You Your Friends

vegas signWedding season is nearly here and you know what that means? You’ll be shelling out lots of money for gifts, travel and the events that come with it. The cost just to attend a wedding is now averaging $592 a guest according to American Express. One other BIG expense that often burdens the friends of the bride: the bachelorette party trip.

Gone are the days when these parties just involved an endless night of bar hopping, blowjob shots, lap dances and crazy shenanigans you promise to take to your grave. It’s now almost expected the bride or groom-to-be will want to plan an entire weekend or big trip with friends before the big day.

Travel website conducted a new survey on the rising costs and pressures of the bachelor(ette) party trips. After polling thousands of adults who attended at least one bachelor or bachelorette party in the past five years, results show these party trips can take a major toll on wallets and friendships!

Here is what they found:

45% had to SKIP a party due to the cost of the bachelor(ette) trip
32% spent upwards of $850 or more on a party trip
30% felt pressure to stay in a luxury hotel to appease the bride or groom
29% said deciding on where to go caused the most drama
14% were kicked out of a wedding party for not attending the party

As psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig points out, these new bridal trends of the destination bachelorette trip creates a new norm, and as a result there’s an additional pressure to have an event that “measures” up or even out does what other people are doing.

girls w drinksWhile the big day may be all about the couple, the bachelorette party is supposed to celebrate the friendships. After all, it’s the last chance to hang out with your group of friends without those matrimonial responsibilities. That said, it’s important to keep friends in mind when planning. Some may not be able to afford what others can, take the time off from work, or your friends may have other responsibilities (like children) that prevents them from going on a party trip.

The study also finds that besides picking a destination, deciding how to cover the bride’s expenses caused just as much drama among the guests. A time that’s meant to celebrate a happy couple’s union can easily turn into a contentious situation.

Remember, the most important part of the bachelorette party is having those who love and care for you there to celebrate a very special time in your life, says Kristen Rocco, founder of Love Notery. “Creating long-lasting memories is what it’s all about.”

So ask yourself, is it more important to have something more feasible where all your best girls can attend? Or, an ultra-extravagant party that not everyone can attend but will still look really cool on Instagram?

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-Ashley M. Papa

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