>Forget About A 2nd Date If You Make These Mistakes On The 1st

You can’t have a relationship without a first date, right? What is supposed to be a fun way to get to know another person–who could potentially be your next BF/GF–can often be awkward as hell. Whether the other person was embarrassing, annoying or rude, it doesn’t take much for the date to turn sour.

In fact, there’s a lot of little factors that can ruin a first date (and ultimately determine if there will be a second). As petty as they may sound–lecturing, not asking questions, being a picky eater– they’ll still get you disqualified from the dating game in no time.

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The Most Common 1st Date Fears And How To Get Over Them

You can’t have a relationship without a first date. But, the pressure of impressing another person can make the whole experience feel like an anxiety-ridden ordeal rather than a fun, getting-to-know-you adventure. That fear of what could go wrong may even make the nervous cancel a first date all together.

The dating site, whatsyourprice.com recently surveyed more than 80,000 of its members to determine what some of those common first dates fears are. Here are the top five along with easy solutions to extinguish those concerns.

Having bad breath: 36% of singletons say they fear having bad breath. You can easily squash this concern by carrying breath-fresheners with you. Opt for Listerine Pocket Strips or smaller mints like Altoids. Try to avoid gum or even larger candies so you don’t look like a nervous, masticating horse while chewing or sucking that candy.

Something caught in teeth: 25% of singletons say they fear getting food caught in their teeth. If this phobia is keeping you from getting out there, avoid foods prone to getting lodged in your grill and adding pepper to your meal. You can also carry a floss-pick or two with you. Just make sure you excuse yourself from your date before going to town on your teeth.

Spilling on myself: 15% of daters say they dread spilling food or drinks on themselves. The best way to avoid this is old fashioned table manners. Make sure you’re eating over your plate and place a napkin on your lap. If you’re standing, try drinking over the bar and avoid crowded areas where you might get bumped. In the event you do spill food or beverage on yourself and it doesn’t warrant ending the date, hopefully you can cover the stain by wearing a jacket or just laughing about it.

Wardrobe malfunction: 14% of first-daters say ripping their pants, breaking a heel, popping a button–and the like–is their greatest concern. For starters, wear clothing that fits and you’re comfortable in. If you plan on walking 15 street blocks, 3 avenues and standing for 2 hours, wearing your sexiest of high-heels doesn’t seem like a good idea. If a malfunction does occur and there is no way to hide it and you don’t feel like popping into the GAP to spend $80 on a pair of khakis, it may be a good time to end the date.

Drinking too much: 10% of men and women daters say they fear drinking too much on a first date. The only solution here is, don’t do it. Limit yourself to one or two drinks and make sure to eat or have food in your stomach. Getting too blitzed on a first date can make you look sloppy and won’t give your date a good first impression. Not to mention, you want to make sure you feel completely present and in control with someone you barely know.

The site’s founder, Brandon Wade, says, “The healthiest way to approach a first date is to be optimistic and open minded. If you’re constantly worried about everything that could go wrong, you can miss out on really getting to know your date.”

And, if any of the above do occur, hopefully your date is cool enough to laugh it off and accept or ask for a second date.