True Love, Soul Mates, Fate, Destiny: All Proven in this Love Story


Talk about true love.

An elderly man dining at an In-N-Out Burger in CA is caught eating by himself with a picture of his wife, who had died five years ago.

They were married for 55 years, but the story of their love is just as moving.

He says he met his “soul mate” when they were 17. They dated a little before losing contact when he went off to war and she moved out of California.

He says he thought about her all the time and when he finally returned to America, he decided to look for; refusing to date anyone else until he found her.

Fast forward ten years. While at the barber shop, he discovered that the barber’s daughter was the woman he had been looking for.

She also spent the last decade looking for him.

The man says that he takes at least one photo with him everywhere and even kisses it goodnight, still celebrates her birthday and their anniversary.

You don’t hear a lot of love stories like this anymore. And if you do, Facebook usually plays a roll in reuniting lost loves. Decades ago, all people had was hope. Hope that one day they would see their true love again. Hope that the letters they wrote actually got to their love. It’s stories like these that should give anyone hope that you never know when that certain someone will come into your life.

Ashley M. Papa