Study: Better To Settle With Mr. Okay, Than Wait For Mr. Perfect


It’s better to settle for mediocre than wait for a Grade A mate, says this study from Michigan State University.

Ready for the explanation?

Researchers find that instead of holding out for someone who makes you 100% happy, it makes more sense to go for someone who fits in your needs and goals. Primitive humans were likely forced to bet on whether or not they could find a better mate. They could either choose to mate with the first, potentially inferior, companion and risk inferior offspring, or they could wait for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect to come around.

Another obvious reason, if people choose to wait, they risk never being with anyone and never having children. The researchers add that in the hopes of finding someone better, we should not forget about those who might be compatible enough.

Waiting for something better to come along and not settling for less than you deserve are different things. If the person you’re with isn’t making you happy, aren’t you better off just being alone? It is understandable that the longer you wait, the greater the chances of never being with anyone, but it still shouldn’t mean you should settle; because we all know what happens with unhappy couples…infidelity & more problems!

Women (and men) are often told to lower their standards if they want to find someone. There’s nothing wrong with being picky. People should be picky. But it’s not about lowering standards; it is about realizing what it is you really need that will make you happy, long-term. A good looking partner, who drives a hot car and maybe owns a house in the Hamptons isn’t really what will make you happy in the end. It’s about being with someone who treats you with respect, is fun, loyal, caring and anything else that is just non-negotiable for you.

This is the person you are going to spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH! Don’t you want them to be at least the majority perfect in your eyes? Who goes into a marriage thinking “he’s aight, it’s either him or possibly no one”?

I hear from many couples that it wasn’t until later on in the relationship, that they realized the person they were with, really was their Mr./Mrs. Perfect. So if Mr./Mrs. Okay doesn’t become your Mr./Mrs. Perfect, maybe it’s time to start looking for that greener grass. Aight?

Ashley M. Papa

The Secret To Success? Being With The Right Person

Choose wisely in those romantic partners. They may have more of an impact on your career success than you think.

According to this study, your SO’s personality can have a huge influence on how successful you’ll be.

While you have to be determined and driven to succeed, your significant other must be just as conscientious about your own success.

The working spouse may come to rely on his or her partner more to handle the day-to-day stuff. Or, it has to be split between driven-to-succeed partners. Also, couples may be more likely to emulate the good work habits of each other, bringing traits like reliability, punctuality and diligence to their own workplace. Think about it, if you are the lazier type, but are with someone who is up early, ready to conquer their dreams, it may inspire you to do the same. And, having someone who keeps your personal life running smoothly can reduce stress and make it easier to maintain a work-life balance. This means minimal fighting and foot massages on demand!

The research also finds that single people with ambitious career goals may seek supportive partners with highly conscientious personalities.

When you have big career dreams, like publishing a book or launching a tech company, being with someone who is supportive and encouraging is one of the most important qualities to have in a partner. Both people need to be patient and understanding while being careful not to take work related stress out on each other.

Being with someone who causes you anxiety and belittles your goals is toxic and should be eliminated because you may just end up resenting that person in the end. Especially if you feel they prevented you from pursuing your dreams.

You don’t always have to choose between your career and your love life, you just have to be wiser in who you choose to love.

Ashley M. Papa