>You’re Not Official Until You’re “Netflix Official”

Kind of makes the whole concept of “Netflix and Chill” not seem so bad.


Meeting the parents, moving in together, changing your Facebook relationship status, sharing passwords. These are just some of the steps that make a relationship official. But, you’re apparently not official until you and your partner are “Netflix Official”.


According to a new survey by Netflix, 51% of respondents feel sharing their Netflix account information is a very big step towards a serious relationship. And, a majority say that they wait until they are dating exclusively to do so. Why is this such a big deal for couples? Probably because they get to see your recently watched list, which can help determine if you and your mate have “show compatibility”.


Because of what Netflix calls, “Show Goggles” (think beer goggles except the drastic change in one’s attractiveness is based on taste in TV shows, not alcohol consumption) the study found that a quarter of respondents find someone more attractive based on the shows they watched.


Some more highlights from the study include:

• 58% have added shows & movies to their profile to attract someone
• 27% insist show compatibility is important
• 58% say they bond over Netflix


So now if you ever get asked to “Netflix and Chill”, perhaps the other person is actually trying to determine if you’re spouse material and is not just looking to hook up…

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix