It’s like a Tamagotchi, Except It’s a Digital Boyfriend.

I just have one question about this ‘Invisible Boyfriend’ app: How does it help those looking for a boyfriend?

…and how do you have sex? (okay, two questions)

I recently wrote an article about relationships getting too “virtual”, and this may be the epitome of virtual relationships. The Invisible Boyfriend app will make it appear that you have a boyfriend, at least in your cyber life.

Singletons get to choose their fantasy cyber-lover based on desired preferences. Users will then receive texts and voicemails in real-time, making them appear to be in a full-on relationship…at least “textually”.

The app costs $25 per month and the creators say it was designed to trick friends and family into thinking you have a significant other. I guess to avoid those “you’re so pretty, why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” comments. “But I do, Aunt Beatrice, see, we’re texting right now. He’s a heart surgeon.”

If the family starts pressuring you to bring Invisible home, you can simply tell them that you broke up and have moved on to Invisible II, who is an astronaut and currently in outer space.

In time, the developers want to include gifts, personalized notes, (lets be a little realistic, nobody writes love notes anymore) flower deliveries and social media connections.

No plans to get into sexting and naked pictures yet. (Bummer)

And what comes after that? Virtual proposals, honeymoons and children? Soon you’ll be able to have a virtual family without the diaper changes, soccer practices and college tuition.

While I still try and comprehend how this is a good thing, I wonder, if the point of this is to look unavailable, how does it help land a boyfriend? If it is to be used in public, it just buries your head even more into your phone, stopping you from noticing the cute guy eyeing you from across the bar. And, what happens if the girl starts developing virtual feelings for her virtual boyfriend? She becomes even more heartbroken when she realizes the relationship will never go further than texting and even worse, realizes that this guy DOESN’T EXIST. It just becomes a full-blown “Her” situation.

One, if not THE best things about relationships is the physical aspect. You get none of this with an invisible boyfriend. Although, I do remember news stories about women claiming to have sex with ghosts, but that’s different. Ghosts are real.

There is nothing wrong and it is not a crime to be single. Stay positive, BELIEVE and keep your head up, literally. Because your next REAL boyfriend may already be in view, you just haven’t lifted your eyes up from your phone to realize it.

Ashley M. Papa

Many Women Won’t Let Their Boyfriend See them Without Makeup Until After 1 Year of Dating

Talk about a lack of confidence.

Survey finds majority of women won’t let their boyfriend see them without makeup until they have been dating for a year.

Some going as far as sleeping in makeup, even avoiding going underwater or showering together for fear that their boyfriend will see them in their natural state.

One woman says, “I would panic that they wouldn’t find me attractive without my flawless finish and was scared to see the look on their faces when they did see me au natural.”

The survey of women between 18-30 years old found that while 54% of women say they wouldn’t let their partner see them without makeup until after a year of dating, the majority of women (51%) would get naked just after six months.

It appears that women are more confident in their bodies and sex, than they are in their skin and face.

You would hope that by after just a couple of months, a guy wouldn’t care what you looked like without makeup, unless he is all about the superficial qualities. In that case, you don’t want to be with a guy like that anyways.

To many women, makeup is like a shield. But part of being in a healthy relationship, is having your guy see all aspects of your life. This includes seeing you dressed and looking like you’re about to walk the red carpet, and seeing you in the morning or after a shower when you’re in your most natural state.

Perhaps one way to break away from this, is to gradually wear less and less makeup around him, till you are wearing nothing but some mascara.

If he is a keeper, he won’t even notice or care. Lots of guys I talk to, don’t even like lots of makeup on their women. Maybe because they don’t like waiting for us to put it on, or getting foundation or lipstick on their lips when they kiss us, or maybe it’s the bronzer on his pillow cases in the morning.

Ashley M. Papa