>Why Do We Close Our Eyes While Kissing?

Science may have the answer as to why we close our eyes when we kiss.  While studying how visual stimuli can interfere with the senses, researchers at the University of London deduced that the study’s findings could also explain why people like to close their eyes while kissing.


For the study, volunteers were asked to simultaneously perform a visual search task of varying difficulty levels, while also reacting to the presence or absence of a vibration to their hand.  Researchers found that participants’ sensitivity to the vibration was reduced among those who had the more challenging visual search.


Study author, Polly Dalton, told Medical Daily that, “Our research found that engaging in a more demanding visual task reduced people’s sensitivity to tactile sensations.  This does imply that reducing visual demands (for example, by shutting your eyes) can improve tactile awareness, and this could be one of the reasons that people shut their eyes when kissing.”


In other words, kissing with our eyes open feels strange because the brain is doing too much, which hinders pleasure.  So, to not lose out on the sensations associated with kissing, certain sensory sacrifices must be made—in this case, our sight.

How Men & Women Handle Breakups, According To Science.


Breakups are hard, but apparently they’re worse for women. According to a new study published in The Journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, women are more negatively impacted by breakups than men. And, they experience more emotional and physical pain after a split. It seems obvious considering women are naturally the more emotional sex. Following a breakup, women reported more depression, fear and anxiety. Meanwhile, men reported feeling numbness, loss of focus and anger.

While breakups may be more difficult for women, we’re the ones who actually recover more fully than men, leaving us in better shape for the next relationship. This is because women deal with the emotions. Men never fully recover. They just sort of ‘move on’ to someone else.

“Most women, broadly speaking, seem to be hit hard and fast by a breakup, but are less self-destructive, utilize more social support, and recover faster and more fully,” says Craig Morris, anthropologist and lead author of the study. “Women hit a moment when they realize, “it’s really over, it’s time to move on. Men, on the other hand, seem to react badly and in some sort of self-destructive/angry fashion often combined with depression. This can last for months or years.”

From an evolutionary biology perspective, scientists say that women have more to lose—reproduction and child rearing—by being with the wrong person and thus it hurts more when the relationship ends. This theory makes the case that men can exit a relationship with little effect on their future reproductive success. Women cannot.

Yes, breakups suck for everyone. But they should be painful. Having knowledge of how hurtful a breakup can be, helps us to be more selective in choosing the right partner and doing all we can to avoid a painful split later on.

“I’d say about 10 percent of people are destroyed by breakups and 10 percent could care less. The big middle, 80 percent, are how most folks live—they have at least one breakup in their lives that affects them strongly and they can recall it in great (painful) detail throughout their lives,” adds Morris.

As renowned anthropologist, Helen Fisher, suggests: maybe our ancestors evolved brain links that cause us to hate the ones we love, to help jilted lovers get over someone and start again with someone else.

-Ashley M. Papa

Science Says Love At First Sight Is Possible For All Of Us, If You Believe

coupleIt may be one of the most debated topics when it comes to relationships: Is “love at first sight” real?

Some say, it is impossible to fall in love with a person instantaneously and that it takes time and getting to fully know one another to fall in love. Then, there are those that say it is real and that you just know right away that you love this person.

Well, according to science, we are all genetically wired for the possibility to experience love at first sight. However, why some experience it and some don’t, comes down to timing and self-assurance.

In a recent survey of thousands of singles, 59% of men and 49% of women said they believe in love at first sight. And, 41% of men and 29% of women say they have experienced it.

Research shows that just as our sex drive can be triggered instantly, (like when you see someone and know right away you would have sex with that person) so can our desire to love.

There are three factors that go into loving someone, says Arthur Aron, a research professor who studies love. You have to be attracted physically, find their personality desirable and you have to feel that the person likes you. That is where the self-assurance comes in. And, we all know how important timing is in any relationship. When you are ready physically and emotionally, it is easier to fall in love faster.

Not to mention, the survey also found that men were the ones who fell in love faster than women. That’s because men are visual creatures.

“[Men] see women who appeal to them physically, and it will trigger the romantic love system faster. Women are custodians of the egg, so they are more careful romantically,” says biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher.

So how do you know if it is actually love or lust at first sight? A separate study shows that where a person looks can determine that. According to the University of Chicago, when people were fixated on the other person’s face, it showed feelings of romantic love. However, when people were focused on the person’s body, it was more lust.

Whether or not you have fallen in love or lust at first sight, it is impossible to know if the relationship will actually last. There is little research on when, why and for whom, love at first sight actually works out for the long term.

Now that we know love at first sight is real and possible for all of us, try not to fight it. It is important to be open to it, let yourself experience it and follow your heart. If it peters out after the first date, fine. But how great a story it would be if your love at first sight experience lasts an eternity.

-Ashley M. Papa