Sexting More Common Among Adults, Which Is A Good Thing, Says Study

sms-romantica-para-namorado“Sexting” gets a bad rap these days. But more and more adults are reportedly doing it, and that may not be such a bad thing. A recent study by Drexel University’s Women’s Health Psychology Lab shows that 88% of respondents send ‘sext’ messages with 8 out of 10 people surveyed admitting to sexting in the past year. Researchers also found that with the increased levels of sexting, came greater sexual satisfaction, especially for those in a relationship.

“This research indicates that sexting is a prevalent behavior that adults engage in for a variety of reasons. These findings show a robust relationship between sexting and sexual and relationship satisfaction,” said Emily Stasko, a clinical psychology doctoral student in Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

The survey also asked about attitudes toward sexting and found that people who sexted more saw the behavior as more fun and carefree, and had higher beliefs that sexting was expected in their relationships.

Sexting has received growing negative attention, often associated as being ‘risky’ behavior. But as the researchers point out, this attitude fails to account for the potential positive effects of open sexual communication with a partner. A separate study on ‘sexting’ done by the University of Michigan similarly found that the act is not associated as risky behavior, since most respondents that received sexts also sent them… which implies a reciprocal relationship.

The bottom line is that the study proves sexting is now, pretty much viewed as a healthy component of modern adult relationships. However, know what you’re getting into when sending a ‘sext’. Anything that gets sent into the cybersphere, has the potential to be seen by a third party, even if it is just intended for your loved one.

And when it comes to sexting etiquette, make sure the person you’re dating/texting is into exchanging scandalous pictures. Just because you may be engaging in some heavy text-flirting doesn’t mean you now have the go-ahead to send pictures of your junk or goodies.

How’s Your “Texting Game”?

I recently heard about the importance of having “texting game” from founder of the controversial dating app DOWN, Colin Hodge. He describes it as “one’s set of skills around text messaging (with his or her romantic interest). The goal is communicating enough of the subtleties, flirting, and signals from our in-person communication using only SMS-friendly media (text, emojis, sometimes images).”

So, if you have good texting game, then you are skilled at keeping the conversation interesting, flirty, and building anticipation for an in-person meeting.

This correlates with a recent study by that shows singles who use more emojis in their texts, have more sex. The research found that 54% of the more than 5,600 singles surveyed who communicated with emojis have more sex than the 31% of singles who just use words.

And it’s not just sex. The study also found that emoji users also go on more dates and are two times more likely to get married.

How is it that those who use images of smiling poo, an erect eggplant and a dripping syringe are more likely to get laid or married, you ask? It’s all about giving your texts personality! (In case you have none yourself)

We all know it’s difficult to read the tone and body language in texts and emails. And since we’re not picking up the phone and calling people as much, emojis help bring words to life. With the world more text based nowadays, we can see why giving our words extra flare can help bring our personality out. Emojis and texts let people create a virtual persona they likely wouldn’t have or have difficulty putting out in real life.

I wrote an article recently called “Are You In A Virtual Relationship?”; which focuses on how we’re living out our lives and relationships more “virtually” these days. There is more texting of Xs & Os than actual physical hugs and kisses.

But you can have all the text game in the world and use as many emojis as you can fit on that screen without looking psychotic, but if you’re a dud in real life none, of that matters.

Ashley M. Papa