The Who, What, Where, When and Why of Cheating, According to New Poll

bedMany people draw their own lines when it comes to what constitutes as cheating. Both men and women’s ideas of what cheating is can stretch from having sex with another person or even just looking at someone else. And then there’s technology, which has given people even more avenues to potentially wander.

So given all the different ways one can be unfaithful, what do men and women really classify as cheating these days? Behold the great cheating poll, courtesy of After polling married couples, results show that while men and women largely agree that having sex crosses the line, women are more likely than men to view other things as being cheating. According to the poll, 74% of women believe that “sexting” amounts to cheating. 59% of men agree.

And when it comes to emotional versus physical cheating, 56% of women consider non-physical relationships cheating, while 38% of men do. (yes, that means having a close female friend)

Here’s the poll:
cheating 1

There’s more. YouGov also found who is just thinking about cheating and who is actually doing it more. 41% of men say they have thought about cheating on their partners, while 39% said they never have. 54% of women say they’ve never thought about cheating and 28% have. When it comes to who is actually committing infidelity, one-fifth of men and women (about 21% and 19%) say they have cheated on their partner.

Wait, there is even more. When it comes to WHY people cheat, dissatisfaction with the relationship was the main reason. The cheaters report being emotionally deprived and/or being dissatisfied with their sex life. There’s even a large chunk that admit they were just flattered by the attention.

cheating 2

Some people even blame their genes for their philandering behavior. And, there is that recent study that shows men are more likely to cheat if their wives earn more money than they do. Maybe what we really learn from these studies is that people will blame everything but themselves for their cheating behavior. Regardless of what these studies say about cheating and who’s doing what and when with whom, hopefully the person you end up with values you and the relationship enough to not cheat, but rather talk things out or just end things completely before moving on to someone else.

-Ashley M. Papa